Non-Resident Nepali Identity Card (NRN ID) Application

Before submitting your application through mail or drop off, you must first submit your details Here and continue below for the application.

We will return back your application if we do not receive your details.


The Non Resident Nepali (NRNs) residing in the United States of America and in the countries accredited by this Embassy can apply to the Embassy of Nepal Washington DC to obtain the NRN ID cards. They can also apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kathmandu for their NRN ID.

The NRNs willing to obtain NRN ID cards have to register their names by providing their detail information as prescribed in the NRN registration application form. The NRN registration application form can also be used for NRN ID card application.

The application forms for Non Resident Nepali and Nepali Citizens Residing Abroad are available online to download.

How to apply for NRN ID cards?

  • Download and fill the application forms completely for Non Resident Nepali and Nepali Citizens Residing Abroad  (there are four pages in PDF forms) and sign it.
  • Verify the printed form.
  • Mail the signed application forms together with the copies of documents listed below:
    • Proof of Nepali Citizenship renouncement, if not apply for the Relinquishment of Nepali Citizenship along with the NRN ID Application.
    • U.S. Naturalization Certificate.
    • U.S. Passport.
    • Nepali Citizenship Certificate.
    • Parent’s Citizenship Certificate.
    • Documentary proof of business, occupation or employment in the country of residence.
  • Enclose four (2 Auto size plus 2 Passport size) photographs and a paid return envelope with proper address to mail back the ID to your address.
  • Enclose money order (US $500.00 for NRN ID and $20.00 for Registration) payable to the Embassy of Nepal Washington DC.

Note: Submitted application will be returned back immediately, if we do not receive a complete documents.

More information can be found in Non Resident Nepali Act 2064 Non- Resident Nepali Regulations 2066